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InfinityX provides comprehensive tools for talent management.

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Unlocking Employee Potential with SynergyX

SynergyX is a dynamic digital platform designed to revolutionize the way your employees collaborate, discover projects, and enhance their skills—all in one seamless environment. It’s where talent meets opportunity, fostering growth and innovation at every step.

For Employers:
Optimize your talent management with SynergyX. Empower collaboration and drive your team’s success, ensuring that every project benefits from the right mix of skills and enthusiasm.

For Employees:
Find added meaning in your work with Synergyx. Engage in exciting projects that not only match your skills but also fuel your passion and professional growth.

Features that Make a Difference 

Engagement and Interaction

 Enhance employee engagement through increased opportunities for contribution and interaction. model, where the right talents meet the right opportunities.

Marketplace Approach

Experience efficient, transparent project and talent management with Synergyx’s unique marketplace model, where the right talents meet the right opportunities.

Purpose and Innovation

Elevate work’s impact by aligning employee roles with their passions, driving both purpose and innovation.


Transform the mundane into the extraordinary. 

OrbiX is an innovative induction tool designed to streamline the onboarding process, personalize learning, and seamlessly integrate new hires into your company culture. We’re here to ensure that every new employee is set up for success from their very first day.

For Employees
Experience a customized induction process with OrbiX, designed to deliver the right information at the right pace, preventing information overload and enhancing your learning experience.

For Employers
Accelerate the induction process with OrbiX and boost new hire productivity. Our platform is built to adapt to your company’s unique needs, making onboarding smooth and efficient.

Features that Make a Difference 

Creator Tools

Tailor the induction experience with tools that allow employers to manage the process effortlessly, suitable for any company size

Controlled Content Delivery

Ensure an optimal learning pace with segmented, controlled content delivery to prevent information overload.

Customizable Paths

Create reusable, adaptable induction paths that provide a tailored onboarding experience for every new hire.

Time Saving Tech

Saves time by streamlining induction, speeding up HR processes.

Connects employee with Management 

Acts as a bridge between employees and management, enhancing communication.


Empowering Innovation at Every Level

ElevateX is a dynamic digital platform designed to fuel employee innovation, enable seamless idea exchange, and facilitate effective execution across the organization.

For Employees
Experience a transparent and efficient system that takes your ideas from inception to realization, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

For Employers
Activate a vibrant ecosystem of idea contribution and realization with ElevateX, enhancing engagement and driving your company’s innovative edge.

Features that Make a Difference 

Customizable Innovation Contests

Launch contests tailored to your company's needs, sparking creativity and collaboration.

Transparent progress tracking

Track the progress of the ideas shared ensuring trasparency in the organisation. 

Recognition and Rewards System

Celebrate and reward innovative contributions, motivating ongoing participation and excellence.

Employee-driven Idea Voting

Empower your team to vote on ideas, prioritizing the best for implementation.

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